Fifteen Candidates to Run for the 2023 SBNC Nominating Committee

The 2023 School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) election will take place on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, from 7-10am and 2-9pm in the Scarsdale Middle School (SMS) Auditorium Lobby at 134 Mamaroneck Road. In the event schools are closed on Election Day, the election will be held on the earlier of (i) Wednesday, January 11, 2023, or (ii) the next day school is in session. Any Snow Date or Run-off election will be held in the SMS Auditorium Lobby at the same times given above.

A mail-in ballot is available for those who choose not to vote in person. Mail-in ballots are available to the public in hard copy at Scarsdale Village Hall and the Scarsdale Public Library, and available in electronic form on starting Wednesday, December 14th, 2022.

Any resident of the School District who is (i) 18 years of age or older; and (ii) a resident of the School District for 30 days prior to the election (December 11, 2022) may vote in the SBNC Election.

Completed mail-in ballots must be sent to: SBNC Administrative Chair, PO Box 172H, Scarsdale, NY 10583 and received in the SBNC PO Box no later than 4 PM on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

Residents who are unable to access a ballot by either of these methods may contact the SBNC Administrative Committee Election Chair, Susi Coplan, by email at for assistance. For more information about the SBNC, please visit
Listed below are the candidates from each neighborhood along with their biographies.
EDGEWOOD (3 candidates running for 1 position)
JENNIFER ARMAS: 270 Madison Road Length of Residency:  18 years
Occupation:  Currently Stay-at-home parent, Formerly School counselor
Education:  Wittenberg University (BA), University of Washington (M,Ed)
Children’s ages:  19, 16
Civic Activities:  Library Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteer & College & Career Center, SHS; HS Mentor & Essay Support, Yonkers Partners in Education;  Volunteer, Hope Community Services;  Co-Chair, TASIS School Gala Auction, Trail Maintenance Volunteer, Steep Rock Preserve;  Junior League of Central Westchester; Co-Chair, SMS Pizza Day; President, Drake-Edgewood Neighborhood Association; Board Member, Scarsdale Drug & Alcohol Task Force;  Class Parent & Fair Registration Co-Chair, Edgewood; Guiding Eyes for the Blind
SHIVI S. BANSAL: 175 Nelson Road  Length of Residency:  4 years
Occupation:  Finance
Education:  IIT Kanpur, India (BS), University of Illinois (PhD)
Children’s ages:   5, 3
Civic Activities:  Board of Trustees, Kids Base Little School;  Technology Advisory Committee
Village of Scarsdale
CLAIRE HUNT: 44 Carman Road   Length of Residency:  23 years
Occupation:  Stay-at-home parent
Education:  College of the Holy Cross (BA)
Children’s ages:   7, 4, 1
Civic Activities:  Religious Education Volunteer, St. Pius X
FOX MEADOW (3 candidates running for 3 positions)
KEVIN CHEN: 97 Lee Road   Length of Residence: 2.5 years
Occupation: Risk Manager
Education: NYU Courant, (MS Math Finance)
Children’s ages: 8, 2
Civic Activities: Volunteer, Scarsdale Chinese Association; Volunteer, Huaxia Chinese Academy Greater New York School; Member, Bank of America’s Asian Leadership Network
DAVID KIRSHENBAUM: 19 Tompkins Road    Length of Residence:  4 years
Occupation: Investment Management
Education:  University of Pennsylvania (BS), Columbia (MBA)
Child’s ages:  8, 6, 6
Civic Activities:  Coach, Scarsdale Recreation Baseball and Basketball; Interviewer, Penn Alumni 
SUSAN LEE: 73 Brown Road   Length of Residence:  9 years
Occupation: Stay-at-home-parent,  Previously: Marketing/ IRBD
Education:  Smith College (BA)
Children’s ages:  12, 7
Civic Activities:   Budget Study Liaison, Fox Meadow; Co-Chair,  PTC Budget Study; Member, League of Women Voters Scarsdale;  Member, Scarsdale Forum; Volunteer, St. Pius X; Volunteer, Moms Demand Action
GREENACRES (4 candidates running for 3 positions)
TULIKA KHEMANI: 83 Garden Road   Length of Residence: 2 years, 3 months
Occupation: Stay-at-home parent, Previously: Private Equity/Consulting
Education: MIT(BS-Engineering) Harvard Business School (MBA)
Children’s ages: 6, 4.5
Civic Activities: Class Parent, Volunteer for Artful Looking & Book Fair,Greenacres; Community Partner, HBS; Consultant, National Jazz Museum
ARTHUR RUBLIN: 22 Donellan Road   Length of Residence: 20 years
Occupation: Attorney, Partner
Education: Harvard, (AB-Government) Columbia Law School, (JD)
Children’s ages: 17, 15, 12
Civic Activities: Scarsdale Union Free School District Board of Education; Chair, Coalition for Scarsdale Schools; Greenacres Neighborhood Association; Scarsdale CNC; Scarsdale Youth Advisory Council; Scarsdale Forum Education Committee
MOLLY YUE TU:  3 Putnam Road  Length of Residence:  5 years
Occupation: Manager of Operations
Education: Peking University (BA), Columbia Business School, (MBA)
Children’s ages: 8, 6
Civic Activities: Volunteer, Artful Looking, Greenacres; Co-Chair, Greenacres PTA Multicultural Committee; Editor, Scarsdale InSight (e-magazine in Mandarin)
JOCELYN ZOLAND:  3 Berkeley Road  Length of Residence:  11 years
Occupation: Stay-at-home parent, Previously: Business Executive
Education: University of Pennsylvania (BA), Duke University, (MBA)
Children’s ages: 14, 13
Civic Activities: Board Member, Scarsdale Travel Softball
HEATHCOTE (1 candidate running for 1 position)
JACOB ADLERSTEIN:  65 Morris Lane   Length of Residence: 3.5 years
Occupation: Attorney
Education: University of Pennsylvania (BA) Columbia Law School (JD)
Children’s ages: 8, 6, 3
Civic Activities: N/A
QUAKER RIDGE (4 candidates running for 2 positions)
JUNE (XUN) DENG:  52 Black Birch Lane   Length of Residence:  4 years
Occupation:  Designer
Education:  Pratt Institute (BFA), Musashino Art University        
Children’s ages:  5, 2
Civic Activities:  Class Parent, Teacher Appreciation Coordinator, Class Cultural Event Coordinator
Kids Base Little School
MARC LITOFSKY:  12 Cornell Street   Length of Residence: 13 years
Occupation:  Bond Sales           
Education:  Syracuse (BS)
Children’s ages: 17, 13,11
Civic Activities: Coach/Manager, Scarsdale Youth Soccer; Coach, Scarsdale Rec Basketball;  Coach/Manager, Scarsdale Travel Basketball; Chair, QR Rec Basketball
DANA MITCHELL:  18 Coralyn Rd   Length of Residence: 6 years
Occupation:  Interior Designer  
Education:  Tulane, Washington University School of Law, New York Institute of Art & Design
Children’s ages: 12, 7 
Civic Activities: N/A
JENNIFER SIMON TABAK:  26 Myrtledale Road   Length of Residence: 13 years
Occupation:  Stay-at-home parent, Previously Educational Software Manager/Programmer        
Education:  Wesleyan University (BA), University of Pennsylvania (MSE)
Children’s ages: 15,13 
Civic Activities: VP, League of Women Voters Scarsdale; VP & other roles including: Exec Liaison to Schools, Inclusion Committee, Budget Committee, Temple Israel Center; Board Member, Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling; District Surrogate Parent, CSE/CPSE; Co-Chair, Scarsdale CHILD; YWW; Class Parent, Quaker Ridge
About the School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC)
The School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) is a committee of residents elected from across the Village for the purpose of nominating candidates to fill vacancies on the Scarsdale Board of Education. Members are elected from each of the five elementary school districts to serve a term of three years on the Nominating Committee and two additional years on the Administrative Committee.
The Administrative Committee would like to encourage all Scarsdale residents to support the SBNC by voting in local elections, considering a candidacy, and making a contribution. The SBNC Administrative Committee runs the annual SBNC elections financed entirely by community support. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Contributions may be made via PayPal online at

Checks may be made payable to the “SBNC Administrative Committee” and mailed to P.O. BOX 172H, SCARSDALE, NY 10583.
SBNC Continuing Members (Nominating Committee):
Edgewood: Alan Meizlik, Valerie Phillips (Term Ends 2023), Anne McCourt Bates, Christine Weston, Meng Zhang (Term Ends 2024)
Fox Meadow: Zachary Altschuler (Term Ends 2023), Claudia Green, Jennifer Zola (Term Ends 2024)
Greenacres: David Fenigstein (Term Ends 2023), Kim Greene-Liebowitz, Allison Kahner (Term Ends 2024)
Heathcote: Lauren Hammer Breslow, Jennifer Goldfarb (Term Ends 2023), Kimberly Miller Champlin, Dianna Cohen-Irom, Sarah Hopkins (Term Ends 2024)
Quaker Ridge: Stephanie Israel, Stacey Strauss, Mauri Zemachson (Term Ends 2023), Lisa Gans (Term Ends 2024)
2022/2023 SBNC Administrative Committee Members:
Sarah E. Bell, Resolution Chair (SNAP); David Benderson (EW); Lara Chassin (SNAP); Susi Coplan, Election Chair (QR); Jennifer Fischer (GA); Laura Gelblum, Resolution Vice Chair (FM); Kathleen Gray (GA); Kerry Hayes (HE); Seema Jaggi, Treasurer (FM); Swapna Kanekar (FM); Cecelia Anon Kowalski (EW); Jon Lemle, SBNC Chair (FM); Laura Ying Liu, Secretary (HE); Chris Marks, Webmaster (HE); Ekta Sahni (QR); Amy Schiff, (EW); Deborah Skolnik, SBNC Vice Chair (GA), Purnima Srivastava (QR); (Claire) Yin Yang, Election Vice Chair (HE); Cindy Yau (GA).

For additional information, please contact Susi Coplan, SBNC Election Chair, at

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