Nominating Committee


  • Jon Lemle – SBNC Chair
  • Deborah Skolnik – SBNC Vice Chair

Terms End 2025

  • Edgewood – Jennifer Armas
  • Fox Meadow – Kevin Chen, David Kirshenbaum, Susan Lee
  • Greenacres – Arthur Rublin, Molly (Yue) Tu, Jocelyn Zoland
  • Heathcote – Jacob Adlerstein
  • Quaker Ridge – June (Xun) Deng, Jennifer Simon Tabak

Terms End 2024

  • Edgewood – Anne McCourt Bates, Christine Weston, Meng Zhang
  • Fox Meadow – Claudia Green, Jennifer Zola
  • Greenacres – Kim Greene-Liebowitz, Allison Kahner
  • Heathcote – Kimberly Miller Champlin, Dianna Cohen-Irom
  • Quaker Ridge – Lisa Gans

Terms End 2023

  • Edgewood – Alan Meizlik, Valerie Phillips
  • Fox Meadow – Zachary Altschuler
  • Greenacres – David Fenigstein
  • Heathcote – Lauren Hammer Breslow, Jennifer Goldfarb
  • Quaker Ridge – Stephanie Israel, Stacey Strauss

The School Board Nomination Process

The SBNC nomination process involves several stages. The committee will

  • Hear current Board of Education (BoE) members’ views on the role, structure, anticipated challenges and opportunities for the next three years
  • Seek potential BoE candidates
  • Conduct due diligence pursuant to the Rules of Procedure
  • Discuss the qualifications of all proposed candidates fully and candidly
  • Take a vote by secret ballot pursuant to the Voting Procedure
  • Ensure the nominees are on the BoE election ballot
  • Appoint SBNC Chair and Vice Chair for next year. The non-voting Chairs preside over the SBNC nominating meetings
  • Review its nomination procedures and the Resolution, and makes amendment recommendations, if any, to the Administrative Committee