Administrative Committee

Committee of 2022

Terms End 2023
  • David Benderson (Resolution Chair)
  • Jennifer Fischer
  • Laura Gelblum (Election Vice Chair)
  • Seema Jaggi (SBNC Chair)
  • Laura Ying Liu (Election Chair)
  • Chris Marks
  • Ekta Sahni
  • Amy Schiff (SBNC Vice Chair)
Terms End 2022
  • Ruth Berkowitz
  • Todd Cohen
  • Timothy Dunne (Treasurer)
  • Kathy Gray (Secretary)
  • Nikki Hahn
  • Kerry Hayes
  • Jennifer Hong (Webmaster)
  • Marisa Jackson
  • Jing Li
  • Sarah Bell (SNAP, Resolution Vice Chair)
  • Jordan Copeland (TVCC/Forum)
  • Lara Chassin (SNAP)
Members At Large
  • Felicia Block
  • Amy Lewis


The Administrative Committee is comprised of all voting members of the Nominating Committee whose terms end at the next SBNC election, and server 2 years.

Per the SBNC Resolution, the Administrative Committee members terms start upon the the call of the first Administrative Committee meeting in June, and end 2 years later.

Election Chair, Election Vice Chair, Resolution Chair, Resolution Vice Chair, and Treasurer have 1-year terms. Chairs and Vice Chairs are non-voting.

Additionally, the Administrative Committee may also include the following appointees to serve 2 years:

  • 3 members appointed by the TVCC/Forum
  • 3 members appointed by SNAP
  • 3 members appointed from the community at large by the Election Chair


Conduct the SBNC Elections

Each year the Administrative Committee, under the leadership of the Election Chair and Vice Chair, is responsible for conducting the election of members to the SBNC. The Administrative Committee seeks and invites the community to suggest candidates, ensuring that there is at least one candidate for each vacancy on the SBNC.

Raise Fund

The Administrative Committee is responsible for raising funds for the election, leaving enough reserve for next year.

Amend the SBNC Resolution

The Administrative Committee is also responsible for reviewing proposed amendments to the Resolution, collecting community feedbacks, and putting the amendments to the SBNC elections.