Mail-in Ballot

You are eligible to vote by mail-in ballot if you are: (i) 18 years or older, and (ii) have been a resident of Scarsdale for at least 30 days before the January 2023 election. You do NOT need to be a registered voter as long as you meet these criteria.

For a full list of 2023 SBNC candidates from each neighborhood along with their biographies, please see the November 28, 2022 Press Release.

Download and print out the Mail-in Ballot. Please follow the instructions below very closely, otherwise your ballot may be invalid.

The Mail-in Ballot

  • DO NOT write your name or address on the ballot, instead, they should be on the envelope.
  • Vote only for candidates in the election district in which you live (i.e., your elementary school neighborhood). Vote for no more than two candidates (unless otherwise indicated) in your election district.
  • Your ballot will not be valid and your vote cannot be counted if you:
    • (i) vote for more than the maximum permitted number of candidates in your election district
    • (ii) vote for candidates in other districts
    • (iii) vote for candidates in multiple districts
  • See a properly completed Sample Ballot.

The Envelope

  • Provide your full name and address on the return address portion of your envelope. If your name and address are not clear, it may not be possible to confirm your eligibility to vote or rule out duplicate votes. This could invalidate your vote.
  • Sign across the seal on the back of the envelope. Your signature certifies that:
    • (i) you are eligible to vote (see criteria at the top of this page).
    • (ii) you have not already voted in the election by mail-in ballot.
    • (iii) you will not vote in the election except by this mail-in ballot.
  • Include only one ballot in each envelope. Each voter must use their own envelope so that each voter can provide the signature required.
  • Address the ballot to:
    SBNC Administrative Committee
    P.O. Box 172H
    Scarsdale, NY 10583
  • Your ballot must be received at the U.S. Post Office at the Heathcote Golden Horseshoe Center no later than 4:00pm Tuesday, January 10, 2023 (Election Day).