January 9, 2019

Twelve candidates have been elected to join the School Board Nominating Committee for  2019.

The following candidates were elected:

Edgewood: David Benderson & Amy Schiff

Fox Meadow: Laura Gelblum & Seema Jaggi

Greenacres: Todd Cohen, Jeniffer Fischer & Xue Su

Heathcote: Anirudh Bansal, Chris Marks & “Laura” Yung Liu

Quaker Ridge: Ekta Sahni  & Rob TepperA total of 240 votes were cast in the election, of which 6 were mail-in ballots. Here is the breakdown of votes cast by neighborhood:Edgewood:  25
Fox Meadow: 38
GreenAcres: 61
Heathcote: 73
Quaker Ridge: 43 This year’s new members will join the existing SBNC members of the committee serving staggered three-year terms.  Note that Todd Cohen will serve a 2 year term in Greenacres, Anirudh Bansal will serve a 1 year seat in Heathcote, and Rob Tepper will serve a 2 year term in Quaker Ridge. The committee will have its first meeting on January 13, 2019 and by the end of March it will nominate 3 candidates for the Scarsdale Board of Education to fill the seats currently held by Nina Ledis Cannon, Leila Maude, and William (Bill) Natbony. All Scarsdale residents are welcome to propose Board of Education candidates to the SBNC. The SBNC Board of Education candidates, along with any other candidates who may choose to run, will stand for public election in May at the same time as the school budget vote.Press Contact:             Wendy Gendel

(917) 921-4538

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